Are you frustrated (or even embarrassed) by your clunky, unproductive retrospectives? Follow this Free e-mail course and learn how to run agile retrospectives the right way!

free retrospective course

Are you unable to improve your retrospective process?

Do you really understand how the agile retrospective process works? Are you harnessing its immense potential to make improvements in your agile transformation journey?


Have you ever thought? why do some teams perfom better then the others?.


You can change your team or scrum master, possibly your product owner as well, But nothnig will improve until you learn how to run retrospectives the right way.


And this three days email course will teach you exactly how to do that.


Did you know ? To create this retrospective course we have consulted with almost every book, every blog, every article, every video available on this earth about retrospective process.


We have dig deep into history books to learn about the iterative improvement process from the true masters like Leonardo Da Vinci.


It took us almost 200 hours to create this course and we have spent around 3947 USD to create it.


And the best thing. We offer this course 100% Free.


Just to help you to take your retrospectives from GOOD TO GREAT.


So let's get started.




LESSON 1: Retrospective Mindset


The key to successful retrospectives isn’t just meeting and discussing. Instead, it’s DEEP understanding of the internal workings of your team.

Most people do not have the patience to absorb their minds into what they have done and how they can learn from it. They are in a hurry to discuss something or anything.

And in doing so they forget to realize that they are merely scratching the surface. In this lesson you will learn how to reflect deeply, how to observe your team's permformance and how to learn from your mistakes.


LESSON 2: Retrospective Formats


Agile retrospective meetings can be run in different formats. What kind of retrospective meeting format you should pick depends on the team's preferences.

In this lesson you will learn, What are various retrospective formats, Which format you should choose, How to do retrospectives.


LESSON 3: Feedback & Team Engagement


Team engagement is the most important ingredient of a successful retrospective. But sadly there is a trend all over the world. Employes are less engaged at work.

In this lesson you will learn, Statistics about poor team engagement, How to encourage your team members to give honest feedback, And how to increase team engagement.

What others are saying about this course

Retrospective speed, collaboration and quality has increased,feedback is clear and concise, confidence is growing in the development of group thinking.

Kevin Olsson, Agile Coach

We have more meaningful discussions, which means we are able to understand the real cause of our frustrations and able to reflect on them.

Ken McCulley, Scrum Master

We have actually improved our development process by doing the retrospectives with a correct mindset. This mini course is amazing

Julie Abbot, Project Manager


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