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No more tracking of your action items in excel sheets. Reetro offers state of the art Action tracker which covers all of your needs. Track Action Items with ease and increase your team's productivity.

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Convert A Comment Into an Action Item

You can convert any comment into an action item with a single click

You can also convert action item back into comment.


Assign, Track & Set Status

You will automatically get a list of all the team members, choose one and assign the action item.

Team members can set status or progress report for the action item.

You will get smart notifications about all the activities, so you will never miss any update.

track action items
Filter action items

Smart Filters

In the Action tracker view you can set smart filters so that you can sort the board based on your requirements.

Move action items across boards or teams

Very often an action item drags along many sprints and retrospectives. In Reetro you can move action items from teams or boards.

Move action items
Add comment on action tracker

Add Comments & Track Live Updates

Anyone can comment on an action item, all the updates will be sent to the relevent persons so that everyone stays informed about the progress of action item.

Export to CSV, TXT, DOCX OR JIRA format

You can export the action items into a variety of formats e.g, TXT, CSV, DOCX.

You can also export Action items into JIRA, Trello, Azure DevOPs and Confluence format, export them from Reetro and import into your favourite Agile tool with a single click.

Export action items
Action tracker analytics

Get Monthly Reporting Built for Project Managers & Scrum Masters

You will get automated reports and analytics about your action items, track what has happened across all the teams, and get actionable insights into your teams behaviour.

Get smart analytics about average time between action item creation and its solution, you will also get statistics about team members performance and handling of action items.

Create Custom Status Filters

You can create your own custom status filters, it will help you to customize the tool to your own requirements and needs.

Filter and track action items
Watch an issue or action item

Watch & Followup on Action Items

Add yourself as a watcher on an action item, and stay informed throughout it's lifecycle.


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