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We have spent coutless hours, tireless days & sleepless nights to create a tool that redefines how development teams do retrospectives. We are Reetro and our team knows agile development, enterprise software and the power of tiny interactions. We are on a mission to make retrospectives more productive and awesome.

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Are You Tired Of Spending Countless Hours On Retrospectives With No Improvements?


Retrospectives can be the most frustrating, expensive, and the time-consuming part about Agile development. Yet the process to execute them is totally broken.


It does not matter, if you are a scrum master, product owner, or simply a team member, there's a good chance that you have asked yourself these questions over and over again.


-Isn’t there a better way to do retrospectives?

-How can I do retrospectives among remote teams?

-How can we engage team members in the retrospective process?

-How can we gather retrospective feedback in anonymous yet transparent way?


Reetro is the answer to all of your frustrations. Reetro will help you and your team to engage, innovate and collaborate during retrospectives.


What Is The Purpose Of Reetro?

Reetro was started after our own frustrations grew with the retrospective process. It was hard to align all our team members on the same board. It was almost impossible to track action items effectively. And there was no way to look back into our retrospective data and learn from it.

After a few of us grew frustrated with the overall process and our inability to find a tool that could help us solve all of our troubles, we decided to build a tool for ourselves.


So, we started to build a tool that would:


-Make real-time team collaboration fun and easy.

-Help us to easily engage in more innovative ways.

-Help us automate the full retrospective process.

-Seamlessly integrate with our existing Agile tools stack.

Our aim with Reetro is to fix the retrospective process and offer a world class tool at the fingertips of every scrum master in the world.


Why You Should Use Reetro?


Here’s the brutal truth, traditional retrospectives are complex and time-consuming to manage yourself. As a scrum master, you have probably found yourself doing the same things over and over again, with little to no results. Reetro helps you simplify the retrospective process, more effectively than ever before.



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