Reetro is the world's leading retropsecitve platform. It gives your organization the features, security and reliability you need to help everyone reach their full potential.



Yes! Reetro is finally enterprise ready and is able to support hundreds of thousands of users. It offers military grade security, amazing support and most robust set of features.


Our platform will work everywhere, for everyone and with every kind of organizational structure. We believe in providing an exceptional experience, not just another fat, boring, clunky and ugly retrospective tool.


This is why we work tirelessly to ensure you have a great experience both inside and outside the platform. This relentless focus on understanding your needs and providing you an exceptional experience is what drives our product innovation and philosophy.

Single sign on

Single Sign On

Manage users from a single, central directory. Users can login by using their existing corporate credentials via your SAML-enabled identity provider


Reetro support Glogin, OneLogin, Okta and Azure AD


Two-Factor Authentication

On Reetro platform, you have option to enable2-factor authentication


The goal of 2FA is to offer an extra layer of security for your users and organization

2 factor authentication
Enterprise security

Enterprise Security

Reetro’s technology stack has multiple in-built safeguards to protect your data and privacy. Your data is protected by End-To-End encryption over the wire and at rest


We regularly perform security audits and penetration testing to ensure system security integrity

Role Based Access

You will be able to assign roles for Scrum masters, Admin's and team members


You can also enable or disable features at global level, configure what's needed and allow the users to collaborate with ease, while still keeping sensitive information private

Access control
Network security

Data Center Security

Reetro is based on Heroku which is hosted on AWS. Amazon employs a robust physical security program with multiple certifications


We regularly perform security audits and penetration testing to ensure system security integrity

24-hour Support

You will get faster, better and personal support through various channels e.g, Help Articles, Email, Chat and Phone


You can run your retrospectives without any worry with 99.9% uptime SLA

Pro support
Backup management

Data & Backup Management

We take regular snapshots of data volumes and store it in a safe and secure environment. You will also get backup management options in the on-premises version

Deployment Options

Balance data security concerns and application overhead with flexible deployment options


We will soon offer possibility for on-premises deployment, you will get same power of Reetro on your own infrastructure

retro deployment options



Our aim with Reetro enterprise is to make it an integral part of your Agile development tools stack, we intend to achieve this by integrating Reetro with some of the most used Agile development tools. You can read more to get a detailed overview of Reetro integrations with Jira, Confluence, Slack, Teams, Azure devops and Trello.


Simply awesome tool! Reetro is my personal favorite. It covers all my needs, and you can’t beat the price.

Lisa House Program Manager, SkyWatch

This tool is amazing! You have done a great job. It made our retro so productive and streamlined!

Michael Merritt Director of Software Engineering, Arch Mortgage Insurance Company

You guys are doing great work with Reetro. Really happy with the tool! Keep up the good work!

Richard Jones Enterprise Data & Systems Manager, Columbus Regional Airport Authority

3 Reasons To Choose Reetro

Why you should choose Reetro as your enterprise retrospective tool?

Fun, Easy & Awesome

Reetro is very easy to use and manage, teams of all sizes love to run their retrospectives using our Platform.

Safe, Secure & Compliant

Your data is end-to-end protected with encryption, both over the wire and at rest.

Configure, Customize & Adapt

Reetro offers the possibility to customize, configure and adapt the tool based on your needs.


Loved by scrum masters, trusted by the world's leading organizations

The Popularity of Reetro as the No. 1 retrospective tool in the world is unquestioned



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