Reetro is the best retrospective tool in the world. It is far more efficient and advanced than the other retrospective tools available. Teams that switch to Reetro run better retrospectives.

How Reetro works

Here’s How Reetro Works.

create remote retrospective board

You will create a retrospective board

You can create a fully customizable retrospective board

You can choose from predefined retrospective formats, or can create your own format

You can set all the comment cards to be added as anonymous


You will invite team members with a single click

You can invite single or multiple team members to join your retrospective board

You can grant (or withdraw) admin rights to each team member

automatic agile retrospectives
adding comment on retrospective board

You and your team will run retrospectives with ease

You can add comment cards on the retro board

You can merge comments

You can set custom colors for comment cards

You can like, edit or delete a comment card


You will ask for feedback anytime, anywhere

You can ask for feedback anytime

Team members will get feedback push notifications and emails as well

User can decide to submit feedback as anonymous

retrospective feedback
private-public retro boards

You will make your board public/private with a single click

You can set your retro board as public(shareable) or private

If you set the board as private. No one except the added team members can access the board

Once board is set as public, just copy the code and send it, Now anyone with this link can add comments on the board


You will lock your board anytime you want

You can lock/unlock your boards for feedback

Once a board is locked, no one can see, edit or add comments to it

lock retrospective board
retrospective automation

By using automation, you will run retrospecitves even when you are sleeping

You can automate the process of retrospective board creation and collection of feedback

Choose a retrospective format

Set the date and time, when the board should be created and feedback notifications should be sent


You will get actionable insights that drives success

Reetro uses AI and machine learning algorithms to provide you retrospective analytics

You will be able to make better, smarter and more efficient decisions based on the data of previous retrospecitves

retrospective analytics
export retrospective board

You will export your retro with a single click

You can export your retrospective board along with all the comment cards to a CSV file.


You and your team can give anonymous feedback

Anyone on the team can set their preferences about giving feedback. It can be anonymous or not

Admin can also set all the current or future comment cards to anonymous

anonymous retrospective feedback


Use Reetro Today And Take Your Retrospectives from Good To Great


Loved by scrum masters at the world's leading companies

Reetro is trusted by the most innovative and influential companies in the world.

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