Pulling from the knowledge and expertise of real people is what makes a good product. That's exactly why we decided to learn from our users, and here are some of the mind blowing statistics about Reetro usage.

retrospective facts

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We have built a small AI engine, which digs deep into retrospective data and tell us some amazing facts about the usage of Reetro. Let's get started.




Most Popular Retrospective Board Format


80% of our users are running their retropsectives by using "What went well, What went bad, Action items" format


The next most popualr format is Start-Stop-Continue


Third most popualr format is Mad-Sad-Glad


Around 5% users have defined thier own board layouts


64.3% retrospective boards are set as private

retrospective board format






Average No. of Comments In A Retrospective

retrospective comments

Average number of comments in a retrospective is 25


Average number of comments in "What went well" is 13


Average number of comments in "What went bad" is 9


Average number of "Action items" is 3







Average length of a retrospective meeting

average retrospective length

Longest retrospective was for 2.54 hours


Shortest retrospective was for 93 seconds


Average length of a retrospective meeting is 27 minutes


On Average retrospectives conducted on Tuesday's are longer than others






Frequency Of The Retrospective Meeting

retrospective frequency

Most of the teams are running retrospectives after 2 weeks


A minor number of teams are running retrospectives after 4 weeks


Usually teams with more members are running retrospectives after 3 weeks







Anonymous comments vs Normal comments

retrospective anonymous comments

19% users are submitting feedback as anonymous


Comments added as anonymous usually have higher votes


Only few admins has set the anonymous feedback as default option






Most Common Issues Discussed In A Retrospective Meeting

retrospective team distribution

In what went well, mostly comments are about fixing some bug, good team work, Meeting the sprint goals


In what went wrong, mostly comments are about about external factors which are delaying the progress, Not meeting the deadlines, user stories being moved to next sprints







Participants Location Distribution

retrospective team distribution

In almost every retrospective meeting there is one or more team members which are participating from another location,


In most cases one person shares the screen and adds all the comments which team discusses.

Top locations are, USA, India, Australia, UK, Netherlands, Japan






% Of Teams Using Reetro Automation Feature

retrospective process automation

Only 11% teams are using the automation feature







% Of Comments Complaining About management, Scrum master or Product owner

retrospective team complaints

0.9% of the comments contains keywords like "poor management, Scrum master's responsibility, Bad planning or grooming or estimation"







Distribution Of Users By Industry

retrospective adoption by industry

Reetro is used by the world's leading companies in technology, health, finance and govt. sectors

39.5% of Reetro users are from Fortune 500 companies

More then 60% teams are using the tools actively






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